w/Maja Liisberg
saxofonkorrespondance (saxophone correspondance) is an on-going performance series started in 2017 that changes according to its architectural surroundings and its receivers. It consists of two people playing the saxophone - Maja Liisberg & Maria Nørholm Ramouk - while analyzing and expressing their thoughts through the saxophone. These can be exclusively improvisational material, an already agreed set or a mix of both. The titles of the performances varies according to their surroundings. Below you'll find three examples.

Performed at Rundgang, The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts, School of Visual Arts, 2017
Original duration: 9:20 min

(saxofon)korrespondance - tourists & money
Performed at The Final Exhibition, Pakhuset, Copenhagen (DK), 2017
Original duration: 13:30 min